Avaaz brings in a new era of activism

Online activism has become increasingly important in the twenty-first century. Its roots started in the late 20th century when the World Wide Web became popular, and it spread into the 21st. Avaaz, a new organization, is helping like-minded pragmatic people from around the world organize and direct their governments to more positive actions around the globe.

Although one can join and support the organization, it is not necessary. It works with organizations like Res Publica and Moveon.org. Anyone can support progressive causes by starting a petition on the site. To help the members stay informed about the issues facing people around the world, the organization included a news section to help people get information. Users should remember to consult multiple sources of news, and to consult the original news article to make sure the stories are reported correctly, but this is true for any news shared online.

Avaaz rose to prominence during the Arab spring uprising, according to its Wikipedia pages. It helpd Iranian protesters by setting up proxy servers so protesters could upload videos to public websites. Today it is working against dangerous Monsanto pesticides, for Net Neutrality, against child trafficking in many parts of Africa, against female genital mutilation, against climate change, and against the deforestation of the Amazonian rain forest.

The slactivism is only part of what the organization does. It supports many on-the-ground causes and people have used the organization to organize their protests. Anyone can find out more about the organization by visiting their website. It is available in Multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Romanian, Protugese, and German.