Whitney Wolfe Herd Raises the Dating App Standard for Women

Bumble is the dating app that is pushing a whole new agenda when it comes to connecting with another single person. Whitney Wolfe Herd has created the app where men are not the ones that are making the first move. For men this is a very exciting time because women are the ones that actually start the conversation.

It is obvious that Whitney Wolfe Herd is an innovator when it comes to the dating app world, but many people may not have known that Bumble is not her first app. She was already making moves with the dating app community long before she decided to get involved with Bumble.

Many people may actually know Whitney Wolfe Herd as the co-founder of another dating app that she started before she started Bumble. It is possible that the dating app that she has right now is in direct competition with the first dating app that she started. The difference, however, is that this time around Whitney Wolfe Herd is in complete control. She is all about girl power and enabling other females that want to get into the business.

There are not a lot of women in the world of dating app technology. Whitney Wolfe Herd may be quietly growing the biggest group of women in technology with her social media company. Right now there is a lot of growth with Bumble, and as much as 80% of this company is comprised of females. That leaves a very small ratio of men in charge with this company, but this is something that Whitney Wolfe Herd knows better than anyone when it comes to this type of technology. She wants women to create technology that is going to make the lives of other women better.

Whitney Wolfe Herd feels that one of the biggest ways to do this is by actually bringing women on board and getting their input when it comes to things like dating apps. Men may have never really realized that there was a big discrepancy in the dating app community because they were the ones that were creating this technology. It is only when Whitney Wolfe Herd decided to make a change in the way that the technology was created that men would realize that women wanted something else. This was a loud cry from Whitney Wolfe Herd for a generation of women that are looking at a dating app in a very different light thanks to Bumble and more