Sheldon Lavin; cornerstone for ISO group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer at OSI group. He has made a tremendous mark in the company since he climbed the ranks to the CEO. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. He had previous experience in his banking career and the management of his consultancy firm. In the 1970s, he organized financing for Otto and Sons. His involvement became more evident when the firm was interested in investments abroad.

His diligent nature coupled with his strong business acumen earned him a partnership the sons when their father died. He accepted the offer and made it his fulltime job because of two reasons. First, the family oriented culture drew him in because a warm environment of his fellow employees as friends propelled him to work even more earnestly. Secondly, the strategies of Otto and Sons were in perfect alignment with what he had in mind, making it easier for him to stay.

With time, Sheldon Lavin had 100% voting control of the firm and has used this position to propel the company to greater heights of expansion to 60 facilities in 16 nations worldwide. The company has experienced steady and consistent growth over the years under his leadership. It has been able to acquire Baho food and Flagship Europe which is known for frozen poultry, pies and condiments. These two companies have been able to hasten the market acceptance of OSI group in their countries which translates to a substantial cost cut down in marketing and advertising. The firm has been able to find strong roots through its expansion in Germany and Spain. Still through the impeccable leadership of Sheldon Lavin the OSI group has been awarded the Globe of Honor Award by the British council. This is an award that goes to companies that creatively come up with unique techniques of minimizing environmental pollution.

Sheldon Lavin himself has been awarded with the Global Visionary Award in India, an award presented to people who have risen up the ranks through their persistence and perseverance. He has been able to improve the employment rate to 20,000 personnel, ensuring a low turnover rate due to the family oriented and friendly culture that exists, which he believes makes people more committed to their jobs. He owes the OSI Groups of company’s success to its ability to respond to different and specific tastes in their manufacturing. This has been paid in return through customer loyalty because the firm is able to cater for the large variety of preferences. Metal detectors and x-rays are also used to ensure quality of the products.

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CEO Sheldon Lavin Makes The OSI Group A Worldwide Leader

Sheldon Lavin is a much beloved, internationally known business executive. The CEO of one of the global leaders in the food processing industry, the OSI Group, Lavin has run the company for almost 40 years. He is responsible for transforming the company from a business focused on providing ground beef patties to McDonald’s throughout the U.S. and prime cuts of meats to restaurants and supermarkets in the Midwest into a force in the production of meat, vegetable and dough products for customers in 85 countries. The company now has 70 food processing facilities on 5 continents.

With degrees in business and accounting, years of experience in the banking industry and more than a decade running an accounting firm, Sheldon Lavin was uniquely qualified and prepared to run a global company. He began by instituting award-winning food and worker safety and environmental management procedures. He then began to implement an aggressive expansion plan that saw the company establish facilities and customer bases in Asia, Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil and Europe. Lavin’s plan has included building state-of-the-art facilities and acquiring several companies.

Expanding into Europe was very important to Sheldon Lavin. He built facilities in Hungary, Poland and Spain and acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. The companies have production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom and customers in 23 European countries. Under Lavin’s guidance, the OSI Group has also made inroads into the Chinese market. They have 10 facilities for processing poultry there and are China’s largest poultry processing company. Lavin also made arrangements for the OSI Group to provide Western fast food chains doing business in China with a variety of food products.

The vision Sheldon Lavin has shown in growing the OSI Group into an international food industry juggernaut has won him worldwide admiration and praise and numerous awards. The World Vision Academy based in India gave Lavin their 2016 Global Visionary award. Lavin and the OSI Group have also won the Globe of Honor given by the British Safety Council three times. Along with running the OSI Group, Lavin also served as the U.S. Fish and Game Foundation’s director and the general trustee for Rush University Medical Center. Sheldon Lavin has been hailed as the perfect role model for model business executives.

The staff of the OSI Group loves the generous benefits program Lavin has created for the company and its warm, caring family atmosphere.

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Become a Successful Leader with Vijay Eswaran’s Leadership Principles

Vijay Eswaran is an established businessman who founded the QI Group of Companies. While he was working hard, he studied leaders such as Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. Through it all, he discovered a leader takes more than being the boss. Here are the leadership principles Eswaran learned to become a successful leader.

One of Eswaran’s leadership principles involves care and service. A good leader serves and cares about the people they work with and the people who support them. This is one way to have a successful company with happy customers. People tend to be more productive if they feel their leader takes care of them, and in return, they will take care of your company by providing great service.

Another leadership principle is having a vision with core values. For a person to lead they need a clear vision of the objectives and the core values to build a strong foundation. Lay the groundwork for your company so it is easier to reach goals. Furthermore, this eliminates the guesswork for employees.

Growth and sacrifice is another essential leadership principle to meet your company goals. It involves investing in the people around you. People need training and mentoring to grow. This involves sacrifice on the leader’s part. The willingness to invest time and money into the workforce is critical to a company’s growth and must be done on a regular basis. As the business grows and evolves, the people should do the same.

Follow these leadership principles to become a successful leader. Vijay Eswaran did and as a result, he now gives motivational speeches and writes books on how to be successful. One book he wrote, “In the Sphere of Silence,” explains how to sit in silence to gain insight and direction. Another book Eswaran wrote is “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” which creates a sense of urgency in one’s life.

Eswaran puts these principles into action. He shares his knowledge through training and networking events. This has allowed him to give 10 percent of the profits back to those in need, which has made him a generous philanthropist.