How Families Can Enjoy Visiting Samoa

Samoa presents a great place for middle-income families to enjoy themselves. There are many reasonably priced hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Many of the hotels are family-friendly with outdoor pools and other things for kids to do on their premises. To get here the best option is Fagali’I Airport. This airport lies just on the outskirts of Apia, the capital of Samoa. As this is quite a small airport it’s not nearly the ordeal to get through the big airports are.

Some hotels offer shuttles back and forth to Fagali’I Airport. If not, there are plenty of taxi drivers waiting for passengers. There are many hotels near Fagali’I Airport that will meet most family’s travel budget. For a mid-range hotel travelers can expect to pay $60 to $70 a night. Some good choices in this price range there are the Hotel Millenia, Vaea Hotel Samoa, Samoa Tradition Resort, and Travelers Point Hotel.

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Most of the restaurants in Apia serve European food (particularly Italian), Polynesian, or a mixture of the two. There are many moderately priced restaurants with menus that kids will enjoy something on. One of these is the Bistro Tatau, located a scant mile from Fagali’I Airport. Other good options are the Legends Cafe, Izzy’s, Scalinis Restaurant, and Giordanos Wood-Fire Pizza & Garden Restaurant.

There are also plenty of things to do around Fagali’I Airport which are affordably priced for families. One thing that kids always seem to enjoy is the Samoa Cultural Village located on Beach Road, the same one as Fagali’I Airport. A great tour guide leads people through this village where people can learn about the history of Samoa both visually and orally. It takes about two to three hours to complete this tour which leaves plenty of time for other activities according to

Another popular thing for families to do is take a nature and wildlife tour. Back of the Ute Samoa is the most popular and it takes off from a building not too far from Fagali’I Airport. Many activities are squeezed into its two-day tour of the island of Upolu on which Apia sits and it is affordably priced.