Lori Senecal’s Risk-Oriented Marketing

One of the biggest handicaps one can have in modern day advertising ventures is the aversion to risk taking. In the internet age some of the surest tactics which lend themselves to success include boundary pushing and risky investments into the newest technologies and also trying out new and cutting-edge graphic designs and non-traditional marketing venues, such as outdoor exhibitions. These myriad strategies are typically, colloquially referred to as “guerrilla marketing” and it is one of the primary strategies which Lori Senecal of Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, a publicly traded advertising agency. One of the way that the company accomplishes this is through encouraging all of its employees to think creatively and to act outside the box.

According to Campaigne Live, Lori Senecal, the leader of the company, is a fast rising star in the advertising industry. The company has grown from only 250 employees to over 900 employees all across the world under her stead. Lori has also been the recipient of many awards; in 2014 she was named as the Woman to Watch by Ad Age, additionally, she has recently received the Creativity Innovators of the Year Award for the 2017 year period for her dynamic approach to business and focus on hiring and promoting new and artistically inclined talent in the field.

In an article on GC Report, what CP + B under Senecal’s leadership, have realized is that no matter how good a particular idea might be it is utterly useless for business purposes unless it can be effectively implemented in terms of action. One of the primary ways that CP + B is translating its innovative marketing strategies and ideas into reality is through the utilization of Facebook’s newest applications, primarily its targeted advertising opportunities. Some of the tactics which has yielded big returns for the company include the implementation of mobile compatible image gallery duration for usage in ads, KPI analysis for optimal photo colorization, unique and interesting biographies, deploying real individuals to interact with customers as much as possible in real-time and lastly the implementation of geo-satellite technologies to sample consumer and user feedback and gauge proximity to real world locations.

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