Innovative Story of EOS Lip Balms Catapult to Head of the List.

An amazing man, Charles H Duell, once said: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Had mankind listened and allowed that statement to dictate creative genius, the world we have today would never have been.

Approximately ten years ago, two individuals decided they wanted to do something different with the drug store cosmetic aisle. In essence, they were planning a way to shake up the beauty industry with a product that would take the industry by storm.

Their focus was on the cylindrical tubes of chapstick lip balm. Those tubes seemed to feel, taste and look medicinal. Desiring to make this product more enjoyable, useful and desirable, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner of Fast Company along with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, redirected their focus to the lip balm category.

The goal was to introduce something unique, innovative and stimulating to the market changing the trend from what they felt was apparent laziness and cheap manufacturing to an innovative product with appeal and what an opportunity they discovered.

Finding that the female consumers overwhelmingly patronized the lip balm industry, EOS developed a product women would and could appreciate. Women females added the use of lip balm to their beauty regime. However, they felt there was a need for something not easily lost, easy to smooth across the lips without the need of fingertips and also desired a product which was fun and enjoyable to use.

Not looking for a product that was faddish, high in cost and elusive to the purse hunter, the trio delved into a sphere which could glide across the lips, add a pleasing taste and could be used or caused no alarm if lost.

After numerous trade shows, marketing investigations and discussions with those in the industry, the trio settled on their production facility. Within months, EOS lip balm was off and running. Today, the products are seen on the shelves of stores such as Well, Target and Walmart. Online merchants eBay( and Amazon sell EOS products too!

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