End Citizens United is Ending Corruption in Politics

Since the first governments were formed by our equally imperfect ancestors, politicians have been selling their souls to the highest bidder in exchange for favors. Fortunately, most cases of such behavior have been found to be problematic and have ceased in due time. However, when previously illegal bribery suddenly becomes legal, politicians brazenly become legally corrupt and are frequently able to keep the information hidden in the most anonymous way possible. This may lead to both the normalization and public ignorance regarding quid pro quo in politician voting patterns, further leading to faulty laws, shoddy regulations, and even illegitimate Presidents.

The 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, worked to increase the cap on funds that corporations and individuals could donate to campaigns and assisted in shrouding these donations in secrecy. Unfortunately, this leaves the United States Government vulnerable to legal bribery and corruption that permeates every inch within the walls and corridors of both state and federal buildings.

End Citizens United is a group working hard to overturn this decision. Not only is End Citizens United actively working to pass legislation that would once again take money out of politics, but they rate politicians depending on their willingness to accept or decline these legal bribes. If politicians are willing to pledge their declination of large campaign donations in exchange for favorable votes, End Citizens United will publicly support those candidates and recommend backing them for their campaigns. As a bonus, End Citizens United will also offer financial support for political candidates to help make up for the lack of corporate campaign donations.

While it is virtually impossible to remove each of the numerous aspects of bribery and corruption from the world, it is certainly possible to diminish it through strategic legislation. By eliminating the ability to vote favorably for a campaign donor, the likelihood of corruption will be significantly reduced, bringing about votes that are in favor of human beings and not merely for those who want to fatten their checkbooks.

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