NGP VAN And The Growth Of Internet Technologies For Progressive Candidates

No one had even heard of a Vermont Senator with wild white hair who proudly called himself a Socialist until he suddenly burst onto the national scene in 2016. His name of course is Bernie Sanders. He created quite the splash in politics in 2016, and he may still run again in 2020. The thing is, a lot of his ability to get his message out was due to the Internet. He appealed to a lot of people, namely among those were young people who craved to hear his message of economic populism.

NGP VAN is a software company that worked with both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns uring the 2016 election cycle. They are intimately involved with helping Democratic and progressive candidates compete in and win elections. They work to use the most cutting edge technologies as it were to help move people in certain directions so as to help sway elections.

The company has now taken on the causes that some of the progressive candidates that they help endorse. Most recently, the company has been involved with promoting the LGBTQ community by opening their doors to this community and offering them work in their company. They have literally recruited and sought out those in the LGBTQ community because they want to make sure they get as diverse of a prospective as possible in the work that they do. It is most important to them to have a lot of viewpoints about how to move forward because they know that they want people who consider their views carefully and who can offer fresh perspectives.

It is uncommon for a company to extend its arms so widely for the LGBTQ community like this, but they just wanted to be sure that everyone felt connected and that they did not end up with a one-dimensional workforce. There are a lot of places that sadly end up like that, and it is much to the loss of those companies. They may just end up with a lot of so-called Yes men who just say what they think their bosses want to hear. That is unfortunate, and it is exactly the opposite of what NGP VAN has strived to do with their latest moves here.