NGP VAN Is A Proficient Software Company Dedicated To Progressive Parties

DC-based software company, NGP VAN, is self-described as a progressive technology provider delivering data-driven solutions and targeted campaign efforts. As an attempt to include everyone in their findings, NGP VAN takes a calculated approach to their data collection process. In fact, their software caters to individuals from all walks of life, with their contact records even including non-binary pronouns. With that said, NGP VAN’s gained widespread recognition and praise from Democratic parties for their diligence and open-mindedness. While NGP VAN prides themselves on their all-inclusive efforts, they also specialize in online marketing, fundraising, compliance, and new media products.

Though amassing a substantial voter base is what most companies strive for, NGP VAN is far more concerned with gathering pertinent information on voters who share the same beliefs as the candidate. With that said, they’ve devised software that asks specific questions in the name of targeting a relevant audience. The majority of their findings are compiled via the MiniVAN application. The MiniVAN app is comprised of various features, most of which hone in on voter preferences and aspirations. At its core, MiniVAN is merely a utensil that aids in collecting a voter’s data. What’s more, it offers a convenient alternative to labor-intensive door-to-door methods.

In addition, the app’s “stream team canvassing” feature allows rally-goers to collect information on fellow rally attendees. No doubt a proactive tool, stream team canvassing has proven exceedingly advantageous. Above all else, MiniVAN intends to dismantle the Trump administration by urging Democrats to partake in progressive movements. As a result, NGP VAN aims to tip the scales in the Democrat’s favor in the 2018 elections. As an attempt to strengthen the Democratic vote, NGP VAN recognizes and appeals to the LGBTQ community as well. Given their libertarian philosophies, this comes as no surprise. NGP VAN continues to promote unbiased ideologies, and they even participated in the “A Day Without Women” cause this past year.