InnovaCare is the help needed to understand your Medicare Advantage

Medicare and all its understandings can be a daunting task for one to take on. There are so many options to consider and as we get older we have to make sure we have enough coverage when it comes to Medicare. There is an option that over 17 million people has enrolled in by 2015, which is called Medicare Advantage.

What is Medicare Advantage?

It is sometimes known as “Medicare private health plan” and through the contract with the federal government this plan is able to offer certain benefits that the original Medicare doesn’t offer.

What are the rules for enrolling?

Like all healthcare plans there are certain rules that have to be met before you can join.
* You have to have Medicare plan A and B.
* You home resident is in the plan’s area.
* You don’t have a serious renal disease (There is a special plan that is offered for anyone has end-stage renal disease.)

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Daniel E. Straus, CEO & Chairman of CareOne, InnovaCare Health


What are the plans that are offered?

If you meet the qualifications there are several options involving Medicare Advantage.
* Private Fee For Service, which is referred to as PFFs.
* Preferred Provider Organization, which is referred to as PPOs.
* Health Maintenance Organization, which is referred to as HMOs.
* Some plans will offer a medication coverage program.

Understanding all the rules and the policy options can be difficult if you go at it alone, but with the help of companies like InnovaCare Health, there is help out there to understanding what is best for your healthcare needs.

InnovaCare is a managed healthcare provider that knows their way around all the Medicare concerns and needs that patients are concerned with. With the help of the President and Chief Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto. As the Chief Administrative Officer of the company Penelope Kokkinides their long list of experiences in the healthcare industry, they make InnovaCare one of the leading companies in Medicare Advantage and getting their patients the best care needed for their situation.

InnovaCare believes that the patients are the reason they exist and working as a team with those patients will greatly improve the healthcare that they receive in the long run.


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