Sheldon Lavin wins award

OSI Food Solutions has expanded recently creating a new line of production. Today it has doubled its capacity of output having the capability of producing 24, 000 chicken tons every year. Previously, they could only produce 12,000 tons per year. A lot has been done to ensure the business is sustainable including creating more positions for workers. The organization will need to add 20 workers to run the new production line.

Who are the people behind the success of this company?

Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO for the company. He has a lot of knowledge in the industry and is experienced having entered the industry forty years ago, and he is still serving diligently. Sheldon is happy because he started working with the company from its humble beginnings. He began working for the company when it had only a few clients, but today it has dramatically expanded. The company today works with over 20,000 people around the world and more

David McDonald

David McDonald serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He is also the president of the organization having served different roles in the company to gain a wide range of experience. The good thing about the man is he has worked with different businesses in the international arena to gain a lot of experience. He once worked with a meat institute in North America, and currently, he is also in the Board of directors for the organization.

Awarded the global visionary

The World Academy in India gave a global visionary award to the CEO of the company Sheldon Lavin. The award is a great honor since you must demonstrate to be visionary. The winner of the award must have persevered in business and accomplished great things during his/her service. The academy awards people who have turned their visions to reality, and that is why Sheldon Lavin won the prize. It shows he is dedicated to ensuring the success of his visions.

Winning the Edward C. Jones award

It is awarded to people who have shown to be a commitment in community service. The CEO of OSI Group was given the award because of being outstanding in participating in charitable organizations. He has been active and dedicated to the community, and that is why he was honored with this award. He has worked with various charitable organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He has also contributed to both national and global charities, and many have benefitted from his contributions. Winning this award is a great honor and means one is dedicated.

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