Alex Palland his Music Pushing Boundaries

A good interview plays a major role when marketing a new product or when shining the light on new and up-coming projects in the movie or entertainment industries. The release of “Closure,” the highly anticipated new track by the Chainsmokers gave Matthew Rosenzweig an opportunity to engage two very talented and creative young men in a conversation that revealed who they are and answered questions like HOW they plan to build their reputations, WHAT is going on with their latest track, and HOW they plan to grow their audience.

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ/production team made of DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. These mavens of dance music have decided to come out from the anonymity of the DJ booth; their artistic appetite is no longer satisfied by being nameless beat masters. The two want to be the face, the heart, and the soul of those ear shattering beats that when dropped move party goers to the dance floor. The Chainsmokers want to put their personal stamp on this genre. They want to weave their thoughts, feelings, and experiences into the tapestry of a musical style that is often seen as empty-headed and mindless missing the emotion and passion that makes a throbbing beat into a great song.

Pall and Taggert acknowledge that being a pair of DJ’s and popular members of the electronic community makes it hard to establish a strong presence. Everybody wants to be the number one stand-out, but most are stuck in the rut of the familiar. They decided to break out and make music for themselves. They put aside concerns about the demographics of age or gender and decided to write songs about and for themselves. Now they have a blurred line of musical styles, a little something for everyone.

Their latest track is different because it features the strong vocals of a much admired singer, Halsey. They also went back into time to songs that used vivid lyrics. Finally, they plan to keep pushing themselves. As their audiences grow, their shows will too being bigger, better, and more exciting.

The Vibrant Smashing Duo Chainsmokers

In today’s Society, music has been ever changing throughout time and evolving in many different ways. One of the most popular American production duo’s consisting of two talented individuals Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. One of their breaks through moments was in their 2014 song “Selfie”. It started an EDM pop sensation for the music industry and fans everywhere. They have had so many smashing hits since then that include songs “Roses” in 2015 and have been pop stars every since for years. Keeping them a success has been creating new tunes that have a darker side to the lyrics creating an electrical feel to the songs they are singing.

Fans of this duo are fallowing their new taste and are eager to see what is in store next. One new 2018 hit song that has made headway is titled “Sick Boy” that has a theme of darkness relating to romance and people. The new tones of the Chainsmokers have derived from where society is leading us today in the world and around this duo’s personal lives.

The Chainsmokers represent their current lives and issues they are facing through various projections that are visible to the audience. Their use of glowing effects of the lighting aids to emphasize the emotion of their lyrics and keep a balance of tone throughout the song of “Sick Boy”. The invigorating effect that “Sick Boy “ has on the audience is done on the reflection of celebrities and the culture they are exposed to on a daily basis and how it has changed them to a popular status as a celebrity.

All in all, the song “Sick Boy” has marked a huge record success for The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. This particular song has definitely made a mark on their career and will forever be different in the eyes of the audience and fans all over. The Chainsmokers are emerging in the music industry with courage, determination and willpower to make a difference in their music and lyrics.